Sunday, August 14, 2011

Are the Redskins Secondary...Secondary?

Ever since DG#28 retired and we traded Champ Bailey (Worst Trade in Redskins history) I never really thought our secondary was worth anything. Sean Taylor, our Linebacking corp and a semi pass rush from Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson and nem incorporated into a Greg Williams blitzing scheme kept our defense in the top 10 for a while. Now that the 4-3 is dead and gone in Washington, our pass rush and our secondary has been exposed! Ive heard from several Skins fans concerning the release of Carlos " I can't catch a cold" Rogers, and some feel that our secondary will be affected by him leaving...Yeah we can finally put in another CB to catch the dang ball lol. I mean D Hall was our only legit corner who can catch last year, me personally I'm glad to see him leave.  I think this year will be different! I think the Skins secondary is going to shine... why you ask? Because I feel like our pass rush is going to step up this year, we have gotten younger and we are in this 3-4 scheme for a second year. It is a fact! Anytime the Redskins enter into a new scheme, the second year we always make the playoffs! (Look up the 07 Skins if you don't believe me). So overall I believe our secondary has improved from last year and with the addition of OJ our Safeties are arguably the best duo in the league. Look for a top 15- 10 ranking this year with more turnovers and defensive scores!

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